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Name:Special Agent Kate Todd [NCIS]
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Website:Caitlin Todd - NCIS Wiki

Name: Caitlin "Kate" Todd
Birthday: May 17, 1975
Occupation: Special Agent, NCIS
Past occupation: Secret Service; presidential protection detail, Air Force One
Physical description: Brown hair; hazel eyes; 5'7"; lithe, athletic build
Family: Father, mother, three brothers, older sister (Rachel Cranston)
Distinguishing marks: Tattoo on her rear end

Strengths, skills, and abilities: Trained in the use of firearms; trained to identify counterfeit currency as part of working in the Secret Service. Trained in criminal profiling, and often functions as the profiler for Gibbs' team. Talented artist, able to almost perfectly sketch a person from memory. Athletic, in good physical shape. Technologically adept and is never without her palm pilot.

Personality: Sharp-witted, with an acerbic, sarcastic sense of humor, particularly when dealing with DiNozzo; she enjoys needling him. She's stubborn, highly competitive, and something of a feminist; also empathetic to the point that she sometimes identifies too closely with victims. Roman Catholic; devout enough to wear a crucifix and struggle with a case that appears to be a suicide, but not devout enough to have abstained from sex in the absence of marriage. Sleeps with a gun under her pillow.

Weaknesses: Sometimes allows the fact that she identifies with a victim or a potential suspect to color her professional judgment; e.g., was unable to stab Ari because he had 'kind eyes'. Sometimes allows her competitive nature and/or temper to get the best of her when dealing with DiNozzo, and her behavior toward him (and vice-versa) is not always as professional as it should be.

Canon Point: Kate can be played from any point in seasons 1 or 2, and is canon-compliant up to the last few minutes of "Twilight". The explanation for her not being dead is taken from the AU in "Life Before His Eyes": Gibbs saw the reflection off Ari's scope, told Kate to stay down after she took the first shot in her vest, and called in air support.

Disclaimer: Kate Todd and NCIS are the property of Donald P. Bellisario et al. Sasha Alexander owns herself. Muse & mun 21+, journal may contain adult themes.
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